My new 30 day challenge starts soon and today I am giving it away for just ONE dollar!

My new 30 day challenge 
starts soon and today I am
giving it away for just ONE dollar!
Yep, today it's just 4 quarters to receive...
  •  30 Days of Meal Plans, Recipes & Grocery Lists - gluten-free, dairy free & vegetarian options included!
  •  30 Days of 'Curve-Ball' Workouts (PLATINUM CLUB ONLY) - No equipment needed, follow along workouts for even beginners!
  •  3-Day 'Beach Body' Detox - Flush out dangerous toxins and instantly boost energy levels!
  •  30 Days In a Private Support Group - To keep you motivated, on track & accountable to reach your goals!
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    •  Q: What if I don't know how to cook?
    A: This is a 100% Done-For-You program where I personally walk you through step-by-step in the kitchen. And because I too do not consider myself to be a gourmet chef and am also a very busy working mom, my meal plans are designed to get results WITHOUT all the headaches
    • Q: I don't have the time to workout.
    A: That's the beautiful thing about my 'Curve-Ball Effect' workouts. They involve ZERO equipment, can be completed in 10-20 minutes and have beginner, moderate and advanced versions of all exercises. This is not only the BEST way to burn fat but also keeps exercising fun and exciting as you continue to see results
    • Q: I'm on a budget and can't afford healthy food. Can I still do this?
    A: I know EXACTLY how you feel and that is why I created this program and giving it to you for only $1.00! With my secret 'Ingredient Sharing' meal plans you will be able to create multiple meals with the bare minimal ingredients saving you time in the kitchen and money in your wallet
    • Q: Can the rest of my family, including my kids, do this plan?
    A: YES! You will be starting your kids off with great eating habits, a healthier immune system, and a love of vegetables that will last all their lives!
     Hurry This $1.00 Offer Won't Last Long!
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